Friday, February 1, 2013


 This month we had a birthday party--a Lord of the Rings, birthday party. Behold, the Hobbits.
 And Galadriel (spelling could be wrong...or not)
 This party turned into a medieval party once Gammies got involved.
 My parents made shields and swords and helmets....

 and hats for the ladies...
 Cappies read from a scroll and introduced all the party attendees.
 Sir Laugh-a-lot

Truly, my parents get into the party.
 Present reveal
 Cake (this is Helms Deep, for you LOTR fans)
 See the thrill on Sir-Laugh-a-Lot's face when he is given new garments!
 Flamey helmet for the new bike.
 I love that they do this without even thinking...the hand on the shoulder.
 We had grandparents from both sides
 A king and his horse
 Birthday pics of my 9 year old little man

 New Vibrams for healthy feet!
 an actual smile!

 Then there's this little morsel....


Amy and Cat said...

Happy belated birthday to Sir Laugh-A-Lot! That party looks like alot of fun. And I know that cake was delicious!!!!

Shannon said...

Ahh...Happy Birthday to your little man! Oh wow, your parents sure did get into the whole thing. I love the creativity of the party! Hope you are all doing well. :)

Cherishing My Days said...

Thanks, Amy and Shannon!

Shannon, we are doing well. I hope the same on your end?

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

How fun! What a special day! And wanted to check in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPH!!! Hope you had a special day. :o) Love ya, Jess

Cherishing My Days said...

You remembered my birthday! How sweet. Love ya back! :)