Sunday, March 17, 2013

Me = Foodie

 There are a great many things about myself that I still do not know.
 There is even greater still a number of things about myself that I am always surprised or disappointed by.
One thing I am very sure about myself is this: I am a foodie. Whether I am a good enough foodie for the elite, who knows (or cares), but I know I have a love of whole (God-created), luscious, family-nourishing, crazy good food.

I also love to take pictures of food, which fits perfectly into what I want to finally take on: cooking through a cookbook. 
I got this cookbook a few months ago and it is GORGEOUS. It's name is Jerusalem: A Cookbook, by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. It is sort of a story wrapped in a recipe book. I have been fascinated with the Holy Land for awhile now, and believe the Biblical feasts to have immense meaning, even to Gentile Christians today. I figured this time just before Passover is the time to start researching and familiarizing myself more with the traditions and foods of this incredible feast. No, this is not a Christian book in any way, but it does have some traditional recipes from Israel (like Challah) in it that will be useful. I want to do a traditional Passover meal this year with my family. It's just a way of connecting with the Jewish heritage of our faith and give new meaning to our understanding of how the coming and sacrifice of Jesus was weaved into the Biblical narrative from very early on. 
However, I know I will never be able to make my recently ADD-prone mind pay attention long enough to leisurely peruse this book and try a recipe here or there. It'll never happen. So I am going to commit to cooking through this cookbook, hopefully from beginning to end, although if there is a dish I can get no one to eat, I may have to skip it. Working a cookbook into something I have to do everyday anyway (cooking for my family) will make this a smoother way to plan our meals too!


Shannon said...

What a neat idea! I too have been really convicted (after becoming acquainted with Robin Sampson of the homeschooling cirlces) to learn more about Jewish traditions and Old Testament traditions. We've actually made challah! Oh yes, and I totally hear you on the ADD thing--one of my biggest challenges in life! :( Way to go, to commit to something this awesome! Can't wait to hear updates.

Cherishing My Days said...

Hey Shannon!
I've never heard of Robin Sampson. I'll have to check her out!
I have been wanting to make my own bread and cheese lately. Just basically become an artisan food maker. It would be even better if I had my own cow! lol. BUt I figured the best bread to start with might just be challah! :)
I so need to email you.