Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Garden Springs to Life

 Ever so slightly
 We see minute signs of life of summer fruits and veggies
 blueberry blooms....

 bitty berries

 and baby girls no longer babies.
 garlic and onions are taking off--i hope they get done before it gets too hot.
 peas are doing well so far. please hurry little peas! it gets steamy here quick!
 this kid makes the funniest faces. so expressive.
 tiny fig leaves
 and figs!!

 and my first radish. what a treat!
it was so small, but it was delicious!


Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Baby figs!!! Yahoo!!! Im hoping to taste figs off our tree this year. Last year we didn't have enough time for the figs to finish on the tree. It got a last start due to it dying, then we cut the diseased off, and it sprang back wonderfully! Maybe this year we will taste those yummy figs! (we love the ones we get from the farmers market!) Happy Easter to you and your dear family, Steph!!! He is RISEN!!! What a wonderful reason to celebrate!!!

Cherishing My Days said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Jess! We had a wonderful Easter and hope you did too.
I would never have guessed fig trees grow up your way! I so hope you get to experience fruit from your very own tree this year. SO yummy!!