Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April's Activity

 I love this sequence


 Little one with a mouthful of food.

 Who doesn't love a game of "Ribbit!"?

 Celebrating my dad's 60th
 An awesome salad with home grown radishes and green onions
 And one who appreciates such garden fresh offerings
 First water play of the year

 Too much Lord of the Rings.
 So funny. What was the point of water play, anyway?

 Ring around the Rosies
 More "Ribbit!"
 Our last night at the fire pit. Too many mosquitos now.
 Garden progress--Hubby got me two more planting beds. It's looking very full back there now.
 Cherry tomatoes are ripening
 Garlic and onion forest
 Both original beds
 Peas have pods on them! And aphids. grrr.
 Strawberries are SO good. When I can eat them before the squirrels. I need a BB gun.

 First regular size tomato on this heirloom vine
 Blueberries are coming in nicely

 Planted the other two beds with watermelon
 and cucumber
 Roses are exploding! Much prettier than last year. They are obnoxiously hot pink. I have not adjusted anything--they really are that bright.
 Raspberry bush is getting a mysterious looking thing on it. Looks like it could be buds, or even a raspberry!
My "jalepeno" plant is bearing fruit that looks decidedly unjalepeno-ish. Those look like bell peppers to me. I guess we'll see.

This was a GORGEOUS month this year. Not too hot, and the garden flourished. We were very busy working in the yard and garden, as we like to be.
Hubby decided to add another planting bed complete with rain barrel to replace yucky grass under the deck roof. It looks good, but whew! Is that stuff alot of hot work! 

I hope your April was a celebration of spring where you are too! 


Shannon said...

Lookin' good all around! Love all of the pics!

The garden and yard look amazing!!! My country/redneck garden isn't as pretty as yours! LOL I will have to update the blog with what is growing and such in ours.

Take care...

Cherishing My Days said...

Thanks, Shannon! I am sure your garden is awesome. Plus, I really wish I could have just grown things straight in the ground. Much more space and less cost that way! But all we have is sand here. Hoping saving some seed this year will help recoup some of the cost from our startup. I would love to see some pics from your garden! I am garden obsessed now! Lol.