Saturday, June 1, 2013


We had awesome friends come the beginning of this month and I got NO good pictures! What kind of friend and picture lady am I?! However, I do have this iPod picture for posterity's sake. 
 We had a birthday in May! ( I know, you're shocked. With 9 people and 8 birthday months, we are bound to be found celebrating someone's birthday almost every month.)

 We have a 4 year old again.
 I love that all our kids get into the celebration and are genuinely happy for each other.

 This one had just woken up and found cupcakes!
 We had our first family day in Nana's pool.
 There is nothing like a man protectively holding a baby.
 They are so cute and soft right out of the bath.
 New additions to our yard. Will the planting never cease?

 Who knew onion flowers were so pretty?
Aaaaand because my husband never met a project he didn't like, we have now added a gravel path to our yard. It's very charming. :)


Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Juliet makes one adorable birthday girl! Love the picture of her with her cake. Great job to hubby on your pretty gravel path. And Im wondering what kind of flower you have as your banner? The orange and yellow little cluster flowers? At least I think they are that wont let me go back and check. lol Anyway, wish we were closer to plant together and visit. Enjoy your precious family and summer!!!

Cherishing My Days said...

Thanks Jess! Even at 4, she is still so squishable and soft. I love it!
The flowers on my banner are lantana. They are listed as :hardy", so maybe they'd do Ok up where you are? They like full sun and really are very pretty. They also smell good, if not kinda perfumey. The ones in this pic are confetti lantana (Hope says they look like a sunset with their pink, orange, yellow and even red), but I also have completely yellow ones and red ones that fade to orange. Very bright! They are sort of a spindly bush, more like a pot of daisies than a boxwood. They do get big if you let them!

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Thanks, Steph! I am going to look them up right now. I agree with Hope, they DO look like a sunset. :o)