Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 For our family, June is full of celebrations. We have a total of 4 birthdays (including extended family with whom we celebrate), 3 father's days, and an anniversary. This June we were celebrating our oldest's birthday.
 With Nana (Dad's mom)
 Gammies and Cappies (mom's parents)
 I love this....
 As usual, my mom did the decorations. She always does such a good job.

 Such a full table. I love it.

 Baby sister wanted that Nemo gift!
 Toilet paper roll binoculars. I gift from a loving little sister.

 After any get together is the inevitable patio and garden trip.
 My husband loves to tell people about his newest vision for the yard.
The baby loves her leg massages from Daddy. Goes right to sleep!

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Shannon said...

Great photos. :) I'm also glad to hear about your activities each month! Let's catch up via email soon. :)