Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rainy July

 We could not go, but my parents did. This is the town in Austria that my family is from, and where many of my relatives live. My parents were there with my mom's siblings for a family reunion centered around my grandpa's 80th birthday.
 This is the farm up on the mountain that has been in our family for over 300 years. That little house has so much history! My dad proposed to my mom on that lower balcony on the left front, overlooking the city at night.
 Our girl turned seven this month.
 She loved the cake my mom made her.
 My mom always puts up the cutest decorations. This was My Little Pony themed, rainbow and all.

 Blanket made by Gammies....
 I love seeing the expressions on the birthday kids' faces.
 So sweet.
 I love how parties allow us to have good conversation...
 and family time.
 And yes, the food! Don't forget the food!
 I've taken up making bread. It's AMAZING bread, from this guy's book.
 Our oldest had her drama camp in July. She was on stage crew this year and learned alot.

 Basil looked luscious and....bouquet worthy this month.
 Our little one reading Little House on the Prairie
 The rain. Oh the rain. It rained everyday, pretty much all day the entire month. This meant moisture for our garden, but a little too much of a good thing. Everything was (until today) overgrown, buggy and producing like mad. I ended up losing my cucumbers, probably to downy mildew, my watermelons have not produced because of aphids, and I had to take out my tomato plants today, even though they were still producing. The hornworms finally came in and I had about 5 other species of feasting bugs, making the plants look crunchy. Because I want to do winter gardening starting in about 6 weeks, I wanted to take out any disease carrying plants to get ready for next season.

 My garden explorers. They are always finding some kind of "Charlotte" (spider), lizard, frog, or butterfly.
And my garden gnome. She just loves it out there.


Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Oh, how I would love to garden chat with you while our kids played, Steph. :o) I have TONS of tomatoes, the majority light green, and the leaves have just started turning yellow. I heard late blight made an early arrival this year. We are just hoping the tomatoes turn before they get to overcome. I want to can all those tomatoes! Yum. Love the pic of Amber peering over her bday cake. She is just gorgeous. The expressions over the presents are too cute. Seeing Hope in the theater pictures brings me back to Steph at PCC. Shes so pretty like her mama. And I think that's very romantic that you got to see (through pics) the place where your dad proposed to your mom. So sweet they could make the trip. Fun to catch up on your family. Like I said, wish I was there to do it in person, but maybe Lord willing some day. Hugs, dear one!

Cherishing My Days said...

Jess, that would be completely awesome. You and me, sitting at the fire pit, the kids playing in the yard. Someday!
Thats funny that you think Hope looks like me back at PCC. Never thought of it that way before!
I hope your tomatoes are doing well! They'll ripen up inside if you have to pull them green, but there is nothing like a vine-ripened tomato! Mine still have not turned red that I had to pull early!

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

They are starting to ripen on the vine! Time to get my canning started and also make some home-made pasta sauce. I also found a recipe for a green tomato and apple pie, so may try that if I have a lot of green left over. We gardeners have to get creative. ;o)

Cherishing My Days said...

Lol, Jess! No kidding! There were times in the last few months where I would eat only what I grew because someone had to! I did get creative during those times!
I hope you are doing well