Thursday, December 19, 2013


 We started November celebrating our youngest's birthday.

 She is painfully shy--always has been. At least this year she didn't cry when we sang to her.
 She loved her Dora cake my mom made her!

 She got blocks for her birthday. This means everyone MUST join in. :)
 The older kids tried their hand at backyard camping.
 We watched ALOT of Auburn football. War Eagle!
 Garden was coming along with winter veggies like radishes, carrots...
 ....arugula and kale.
 Birthday portraits went ok.
 Got alot of this.
 We DID rotisserie our turkey on an open fire. Awesome taste. Very dry. The cowboys musta needed alot of some kind of sauce.
 A little color on our maple tree. It IS why I bought it, afterall.
 We had two Thanksgivings--one with my parents and one with my husband's. Our families get along fine. :) My parents were gone to my brother's house for official Thanksgiving.
The food was awesome! Look at that face!
I hope your holiday season has been going well! Merry Christmas!

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