Friday, January 24, 2014

And a Merry Christmas It Was...December 2013

Our oldest three kids were in a community play. It was such a neat opportunity for them.
Unfortunately, I could not take pictures during the play.
                              Our oldest played someone's wife! There's a reality check for ya!

              This month our entire family (except me--I got a mild form much later) was very sick. :(


 Radishes were the only thing I could harvest out of this winter garden due to an aphid infestation.

My sister and her husband came to visit the weekend before Christmas.

 This is the intimidating picture my relatives want our oldest to have to show boys. :)

 Our middle three got Airsoft for Christmas. They enjoy this stuff so much. They look like Charlie's Rambo Angels here.
                                                                 Christmas morning
                            This little one finally got the Merida bow she had been wanting.
                                      My parents celebrated with us, along with the in laws.

                                                            Our oldest got glasses.
                                My parents' first attempt at a "selfie". lol! They are so silly.

It has been such a cold winter here! When Florida has lows in the teens, I can only imagine how it feels in the rest of the country! I am thankful for the chill, though. Maybe that means more bugs will die, which I am totally in favor of.

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Shannon said...

Just wanted to drop by and say hi! Looks like you had a fun and memory-filled Christmas. :)